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Other Courses

Students participating in NUPACE are eligible to register for any course offered to degree-seeking students at Nagoya University. As most of these courses are taught in Japanese, however, prior to registration, students are requested to consult their academic advisor and confirm with the instructor(s) of the course(s) in question that they meet the language and/or other requirements of the class. The following is a list of Nagoya University's schools and corresponding departments:   

1. Undergraduate Students:

Schools Departments/Majors
Agriculture Sciences: Applied Biosciences; Bioresource Sciences; Bioenvironmental Sciences
Economics: Theoretical Economics; Applied Economics; Corporate Management; Information Accounting
Education: Lifelong Education and Development; School Education and Information Science; International Education and Culture; Human Psychology; Counselling and Psychotherapy
Engineering: Chemical & Biological Engineering; Civil Engineering & Architecture; Electrical, Electronic & Information Engineering; Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Physical Science & Engineering
Informatics & Sciences: Natural Science Informatics (Environmental Materials; Complex Studies; Mathematical Science)
Social and Human Science Informatics (Sociological-Geographical Studies of Environment; Juristic and Economic Studies of Environment; Psychology; Society and Media Studies)
Law: Fundamental Positive Law; Fundamental Political Science; Contemporary Legal Disciplines; Dispute Settlement Law; Business Economics Law; Public Policy; International Relations; Legal and Administrative Informatics
Letters: Aesthetics and Art History; Archaeology; Asian History; Chinese Literature; Chinese Philosophy; Classics; English Linguistics; English and American Literature; French Literature; Geography; German Literature; Indian Studies; Japanese History; Japanese Linguistics; Japanese Literature; Linguistics; Philosophy; Psychology; Sociology; Western History

Health Sciences (Medical Technology; Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Radiological Technology)
Science: Biological Science; Chemistry; Earth & Planetary Sciences; Mathematics; Physics

2. Graduate Students:

Schools Departments
Bioagricultural Sciences: Applied Molecular Biosciences; Bioengineering Sciences; Biological Mechanisms & Functions; Biosphere Resources Science
Economics: Analysis of Markets and Institutions; Socio-economic Analysis; Analysis of the System of Policy Making; Socio-Environmental System; Corporate System; Management Innovation; Creation of Information
Educ. & Human Development:

Lifelong Education and Development; School Education and Information Sciences; Foundations of Education and Human Development; Higher Education; Sports Science for Lifelong Physical Activity; Psychological Sciences; Human Development and Clinical Psychology; Sports Behavioural Sciences

Engineering: Aerospace Engineering; Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology; Civil Engineering; Computational Science and Engineering; Crystalline Materials Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Energy Engineering and Science; Materials, Physics and Energy Engineering; Mechanical Science and Engineering; Micro-Nano Systems Engineering; Molecular Design and Engineering; Quantum Engineering
Environmental Studies: Earth and Environmental Sciences; Environmental Engineering and Architecture; Social and Human Environment
Information Science: Complex Systems Science; Computer Science and Mathematical Informatics; Information Engineering; Media Science; Systems and Social Informatics
International Development: International Communication; International Co-operation Studies; International Development
Languages & Cultures Japanese Language & Culture; Multicultural Studies
Law: Core Law and Political Science; Contemporary legal Systems; International Comparative and Political Science; Asian Law and Political Science
Letters: Art History and Archaeology; Comparative Studies of Humanities; Japanese Culture; Japanese History; Japanese Literature and Linguistics; Linguistics; Oriental History; Philosophy; Western Literature and Linguistics; World History
Mathematics: Mathematics
Medicine: Cell Information Medicine; Function Construction Medicine; Health and Community Medicine; Integrated Molecular Medicine; Medical Science/Medical Administration; Nursing; Radiological and Medical Laboratory Sciences; Physical and Occupational Therapy
Pharmaceutical Science:
Pharmaceutical Science
Science: Biological Science; Material Science; Particle & Astrophysical Science

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